Sunday, October 23, 2005

Pin for Koru's Daughter

KD has received this pin, so I can post the picture now. My first attempt at a smaller piece, done in size 15 & 11 czech beads and delicas, backed with ultra-suede light.

I'm about cuffed out for the time-being! Next few projects will be embellished objects or framed work. Stay tuned.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Emilee's Wedding Necklace

A variation on African Helix stitch with square stitch where the ties join. There are fresh pearls in the center and at the ends of the ties. This piece drapes softly, almost like fabric. About 25 hours working time. Size 11 Czech beads.

Big Wheels Rolling Cuff

I had flat-back glass left over from years ago and decided to make a big honkin' bright cuff. This is one of the few pieces that started with a drawn pattern. Size 11 Czech beads.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Drum bead necklace #1

I made several of these. This is from a series called Brand New Box of Crayons. The drum beads are done in uneven count Peyote stitch over different sizes of vinyl tubing (bought at the hardware store). The center bead is a whopper. Beads are all size 10 Czech. These are strung on sterling silver wire and with Bali silver beads, onyx beads and Bali silver hook. The working time is? Longer than I care to remind myself if I recall correctly.

What stitch was that?

This piece was experimental. I was learning a new stitch - who knows what on earth it was - and it seemed flimsy, so I altered it and can't say what it would be called now. It's a mixture of size 10 and 11 Czech beads. The part that clasps the fringe is square stitch, which I like because of its' strength. Working time was about 27 hours. And the fun part was graduating the colors.

Phoenix Cuff

This was a difficult scan. There are a lot of size 15 beads in there - including charlottes...which give off a glitter that scatters light. This was made as a healing bracelet for a friend - the Phoenix symbolizing resurrection.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Some older work

Spiral lariat "Autumn"

Spiral dyed howlite & metallic copper set

Peyote stitch "Africa"

Saturday, October 01, 2005


Posted by Picasa Square stitch with fringe. I'm a great fan of loomed beadwork but weaving off loom threads makes me crazy. Square stitch has much of the look of loom work, (the beads sit one under another) without the weaving off - and with incredible strength because of the number of times the thread goes through each bead. This piece was done with #10 Czech beads with terrible irregular holes.
I got half-way through an earlier attempt and had to give up and start again. The ends are going to be redone and shortened, so there is no closure showing at the moment.

Seabed Cuff

The cuff is embroidered with size 10, 11 & 15 Czech and Japanese beads, fresh water pearls, bali silver, tourmaline stones, shells and the stones are peacock ore (unfortunately the iridescence...purples & blues) doesn't show. The usual working time - 40 to 45 hours.