Saturday, August 26, 2006

The new name and address!

I've moved. I'll be bead blogging at Born Under a Bead Sign. Hope to see you there!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Drooling on jewels. Ahem. I mean, work in progress.

Blue chalcedony with fabulous inclusions…iron and some green & yellow unknowns, Honey Calcite, Yellow Jade, a little glass and some crystals, a consider-this spread of beads…and I’m waiting for BeadFX to send me grey opal and deep purple crystals. Click to enlarge!

Now. If I can just perfect the pattern, we’re all set!

And by the way folks. Anyone out there know about lapidary? I have a great source for tumbled stones, really gorgeous big chunky ones, all kinds of exotic stone – and I keep thinking that if they only had holes drilled through them, they’d be fantastic focal beads.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This afternoon I started working out projects for one of the classes. It's a beginner's spiral class and I want to give the students choices of embellished pieces or pieces with a main focal. I always follow my nose when I bead, so weighing, counting and measuring was an interesting proposition. I did one small bracelet - and plan to do several different styles, necklaces and earrings for display. AND today, I finished the very last of all the paperwork: teaching outlines, class handouts, photos of work, CV and covering letter.
The project shown is a modest start but I like the colors. The larger bead is silver lined dark topaz and the 11s are copper lined ruby. The two bead-wide loop is the Bead Babe's - and I'm grateful for it. I hate sloppy finishing.
No doubt, now that I have basic grams per inch figured, I'll go loony and start adding details like crazy.
All this during a flu day.
Beads and bathrooms 'r' us.

Monday, May 22, 2006


I’ve been taking shots of my work for the Mary Black Gallery, where I’ll teaching in the Fall. One of the workshop projects will be a spiral stitch necklace or three-rope bracelet. I’m on a deadline for photo submission and haven’t had time to work the project up – weighed and measured, so I snapped a photo of some of my own spiral necklaces. I adore this stitch. It is the racehorse of off-loom stitches (ok – it’s the fastest turtle in the race. There is no such thing as speedy seed bead work.)

Turns out that natural light falling on a table under my living room window, late afternoon, is about the best lighting you can find for beadwork – short of nabbing a pro with a shadow box and actual skills! (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, May 21, 2006


The closer I get to the finish line with this piece, the bigger it gets. I keep thinking, one last row, one last little bank of trees. And then I go right on beading. Click to enlarge!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Eye feasts

Another wonderful blog. Meet Jewel – The Jewellery Goddess. All manner of beaded gorgeousness resides here! (And a link to the blog at right, too).
And I've discovered a wonderful bead artist who does fabulous mixed media. Check here for The Lone Beader.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Spiral R&R

This was my R&R in the middle of working on "Sleepscape."(Click to enlarge.) The core beads are Czech 11s and the spiral is composed of 10, 11 & 6 Czech beads. The larger beads and catch are copper. The two bead wide loops around the jump rings are inspired by Bobbi. See Beading at the Beach.

This is also one of my first pictures with a new digital camera - taken on a cloudy day, in natural light. Straight point & shoot.

I've been battling the camera for hours. Which menu do I use? WHERE is the menu? What the heck is that icon supposed to mean? And finally, the ultimate in intelligent questions: "Huh?"

To be fair (to me) - the stupid thing did tell me the batteries were dead. I ran to the store, replaced them. And it flashed, "replace batteries." In desperation, I finally put the old batteries in and Voila! No problem. Tell me what technical wizard came up with that one, please?
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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Began in December and Finished Jan. 31, 2006.

The figure is water color pencil on silk, quilted and sewn on stiff backing.
Materials: size 10 & 11 Czech beads, pressed glass leaves, garnet beads.
The beaded area is three and a half by five and a half inches.
The piece is sewn like a thin pillow - with the entire beaded area backed with a second piece of quilt stuffing material and sewn around the edges to a backing. This gives the picture a curved, 3 dimensional look.
This was really fun to do - especially in the sense of solving creative problems.
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Monday, May 08, 2006

Klimt Cuff

This is very recent addition. The juicy purple/blue crystals are 3mm from newish stock at BeadFX. The rest of the piece is done in Czech size 11s. Unfortunately, a scan can't quite capture the graduation of color - which was a major focus in this piece. Size 3" x 7" - working time: you don't want to know.

This is my favorite cuff. The last thing I made is always my favorite.

Next project will be a framed piece. I'm going to drag myself away from the imperative to create only functional art.


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sweet Prosperity

For the fabulous Miz T.
Size 11 & 10 Czech seed beads, garnet & hematite stone beads, two-tone fire polished crystals, pressed glass leaves.
Worked on Lacy's Stiff Stuff and backed with ultrasuede light.